Time to move on

Wind woke suddenly as frost called her and freaked out. “ Frost com back here” she called. Not happy with frosts aditude. As an Alfa she could not allow it as a friend she understood. She looked to Midnight. “ if we leave her we all leave together this is more to do with a certain healers behavior” wind said.

She turned her attention to Dark. “ im going after frost” she said then took of in a dead sprint. “ frost it’s me, your friend can we talk” she said gently. Half of her hated being the Alfa but she know that finding a new home and taritory away from this new threat may be best. Especially when there healer wonder to pull crazy stunts. “ I don’t like the idea of uprising the entire pack but it seams the best choice besides the dear are moving further north. If we want to continue eating we need to follow them” frost said

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