Looking on

Laying on his rock looking out across the valley it had been a nice day so far. Hearing the howl from Blackfang Drifter knew that it was not good. Drifter stood to his feet and sniff the air inhaling deeply. He could not smell Blackfang but was sure it was his howl. Then the second howl came a call to the pack He jumped off the rock Drifter knew that something was up. Drifter sprinted in that direction. Shifting his path to stay downed win of anyone. As he got close, he slowed quietly moving into a position and watched drifter knew to stay out of it for now.

Just within ear shot. Frost ran and got there just as Midnight tackled BlackFang. The wolf she had been running from that day she heard that howl. Frost was shocked she didn’t know what to do. But she was the one he wanted so she lunged at the wolf and bit down hard on his neck.

Watching frost bite the neck was a good move he thought but Blackfang was an experienced killer and thought this was going to go wrong fast. Hoping their pack leader Wind runner had a plan to get out of this. Drifter had not seen the others wolfs but assumed that they were with Wind Runner. Drifter if pushed or had to chose he would help the Pack not that he new Wind runner well. It would be better if he got in good standing with the pack.

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