Interest of peace

Drifter was surprised at Windrunner actions this was going to get bloody fast if this keeps up Drifter thought. How many will BlackFang kill before he is satisfied. Drifter really wanted to stay neutral in this and was tempted to walk away. but his conscience got the better of him. “Wait! Windrunner, this is not going to solve this and will only get more of your pack hurt or killed.” Drifter took a step back ready for an attack from anyone. “You could try to take down Blackfang but you will lose half your pack. Is that worth it here and now? but no one is serially injured, and no one has been killed, well yet. I suggest we make this a tie and walk away” said drifter. He walks forward some. “In the interest of peace, the first one to attack I will attack them. I might not win but I will make sure you never fight again” said the large wolf.

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