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Puny's thoughts and dreams

As Puny rested in the dark cave he had found

He felt safe for the first time in days.

Not experienced enough to know that he was in somebody else's lair.

his mind went back to his old pack. 

He thought of his brothers that had always enjoyed tormenting him, clawing at him, biting his neck hard enough to draw blood but never enough to kill him.

Why, why did they not kill me he wondered

After a while he had gotten used to the pain and did not care Anymore.

And the elders never cared; they did not seem to know that he even existed.

But nothing of that mattered any longer he was free. 

The scars on his back had made his skin rough and itchy so he laid himself down on the bounty of bones he had found. 

that he had triumphantly and ignorant to their real owner claimed for himself and rolled around trying to scratch himself.

The relief was too much and he had to howl out to the darkness surrounding himself. But the echo of his adolescent and weak whimpering bouncing of the cave walls mocked him.

He was sad, angry, confused and scared.

I need a mentor , he realised, somebody that can teach me to be strong, a father that would take me in.

He was starving after love and care, even after The slightest attention.

his mother's words echoed in his mind 

"Keep on running forwards and never look back, my son" she had said.

His mother had been the only one that cared.

smuggling him food and tending to his wounds whenever she could, but the pack had forced her to shun him,

And eventually she abandoned him too.

Maybe she had not meant for me to run away!. 

maybe the meaning of her words was to evolve, 

become stronger then my foes?

He pondered on this, as his mind drifted back to sleep.

(Epic narrating voice. lightning and thunder, while panning out of the forest like in a badass movie scene)

"This young wolf that finds himself unknowingly in the middle of a war could turn the tides for the forces of good.

Or become a harbinger of their doom it all depends on the one that will come to shape his mind"


Is this okay? I would like for my character to be shaped by the story and your choices and what happens to him!

How free am I in my writing? Can Puny become evil if I wanted to?

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