Getting into trouble

When Diablo is old enough to leave the den he wanders off to explore a bit. He finds a river with alot of fish and a tree so tall blocks the sun circling around a group of trees is a famiy of squirrels. "What is that" he thinks to himself. He runs over to investigate but the squirrels run up a tree. They begin to squeek and chirp at him. XRank"Hey I just wanted to say hello" he says. The squirrels are still chittering at he amd he lets out several barks at them. One of the squirrels throughs a acorn at him and hits him on the head. "Hey cut that out" he says and he barks again at them. The squirrel sticks his tounge out at him and blows raspberry at him. "Woah that looks like a wolf like me but it is to small." "Hey buddy how are you" Diablo says. "Go away" they weird animal says. I just wanted to say hey," Diablo says. "Back off Im warning you." He lifts his black and white tail. Suddenly there is this awful smell that comes out. What the aw man that is foul. diablo says as he runs away.


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