Surrender to the pack

He finally turned to Grey Drifter, "There is only so long you can stay alone before time bites, trust me on that." He walked off, stopping by a squirrel and eating it whole. "I'll keep my word, just stay out my territory."

Drifter bows his head one more time “Thank you for the wisdom Black Fang” replied drifter. Standing until he could not sense Black Fang any longer. He looked up at Wind Runner “I am sorry for getting in the way of the pack Wind Runner” he said bowing his head to her. He let out a sigh lifting his head. “Black Fang is right I have been on the move long enough. Now I have help once again and got into the pack business. I ask to go before the pack and Join it. I will fall under your leadership. I serve the pack with all my strength and give it my full devotion I swear to the moon and my blood.” He takes a step back and bows his head and holds it there until she gives a reply.

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