Puny hunted for squirrels in the dark woods nearby the cave he had found. He was well rested now and full of energy and had chased them around for hours, most of them managed to get away climbing up a tree or hide underneath some rocks. 

But he had captured two killed them gatered them in a pile to bring back to the cave and eat them there. He was close to get a third, he had learned from his past mistakes and cut it of from nearby trees, he lunged forward bit down on the squirrel's tail It trashed around making high pitched sounds in a panic 

But as puny raised his paw to deliver a fatal blow, he noticed something familiar, a scent in the air he recognised to be another wolf nearby. He dropped the squirrel that quickly ran away. He gathered up his catch and ran back to the cave positioned himself facing the entrance and made himself as intimidating as he could be. He did as he had seen the elders of his former pack do when faced by a potential threat. The fur on his back raised, his body tensed, he was showing his teeth and trying to growl, ready to strike.

He felt big and scary but in truth nothing would really feel intimidated by him.

Puny waited for the intruder, he knew he was getting closer

He was ready to defend his new home and his food

He was tired of running away and forced himself to be brave,

But actually he was really, really scared

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