In unfamiliar territory

She looked to midnight and Frost. “midnight pick one of your best to temporarily take over your duties. She will not lose her but you will take time to heal Midnight” Frosts said. She turned to look off in the distended. “Take drifter back to the pack he will answer to the Omaha’s for now until we can determine his skills.” She turned back to drift baring her teeth. “let this be a warning you harm a single one of my pack and you will wish you had not” she said. She looked to her mate. “Dark and I have a lot to discuss head back to the den” she said to all those gathered then sat beside her mate waiting for him to get up.

Drifter bowed his head in response. “I will do as you say, you know I would not hurt the Pack.” He said as he turned ready to leave. It was not long before they were back at the den. Drifter watch as the pack eyed him. He was sure most had ether heard of him or seen him at one point or another. He even gave up a rabbit so that the pack could have it the other day. Tensions were high with Black Fang and the two legs in the aera. Drifter wondered if his timing was bad. He had seen most here just a few he did not know Omaha was one of them. Who was that and why them?

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