A place in the pack

The news of Drifters position traveled fast through the pack some not caring others not so happy. Drifter stood there speechless something that dose not happen often. Staring at Omega, one of the elders of the pack. “what! no, no, no I just got here elder Omega” said Drifter bowing his head to the elder wolf. The elder wolf gives him a stern look “don’t think we have not watch you too, for some time. I am no fool and have been around a very long time” The old wolf said walking round Drifter. I have seen you hunting and defending. “Facing down a wolverine by yourself. I was surprised and got my attention. I knew you would be an asset to this pack one day or a grate threat. You know your place and show respect where it is do. Most do not even have that down right” said Omega. Drifter did not like being circled like this keeping his mouth shut took all he had but he did not want trouble. “This will cause trouble in the pack I do not want to be the source of that trouble” said drifter now watching Omega circle him.

The Old wolf stopped now and faced him. “This is the decision of the Elders if you cannot respect that Leave! now and leave the valley or we will kill you next time you interfere with the pack.” Omega said growling. “I will do as you say as a new member of the pack” said Drifter. The old wolf relaxed some “now go and do what you were told. Start your patrol and keep are pack out of Black Fangs territory and him out of ours.” The old wolf ordered. Drifter started to walk off then stopped “you know Omega, Black Fang thinks this hole valley is his.” Says drifter bowing his head then walking off.

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