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Summary: "May your blades never go thirsty."


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Gender: Male

Age: 42

Group: The Armada


Nomad was born and raised in the outlaw space flotilla state known as The Armada. He rose quickly through the ranks of the pirate fleet, making a name for himself as a ruthless and bloodthirsty corsair. One of the youngest individual to achieve the status of Archangel. During the Bloodshed Uprising, Nomad led parts of the vanguard of the Armadan forces through the galaxy towards the core systems and the Atlas, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Known as the Void Reaver for his part in the killing of the High Council and some of the Bloodborn Elders.


Humanoid - Armadan


Tall, muscular, jet black eyes and hair. His face, arms and back are crisscrossed with battle scars and self inflicted wounds, that mark each life taken by the pirate.

Special Skills & Occupation

Weaponry, hand to hand combat, zer0 gravity combat, pilot, ship mechanics, leadership.
Nomad is currently the right hand man of Councillor Twilight.

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Image of Nomad
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