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Summary: "Order and Progress at all costs."

Zanikov Denoslav

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Gender: Male

Age: 65

Group: USSF


Zanikov Denoslav was a tenured teacher in a major population hub in the one world nation of Cornidia.
After the sudden collapse of the UBC and the storm that engulfed the Galaxy he rose to stoke the fires of Revolution after his homeworld fell into an holocaust of poverty and war.
In the following years he would coordinate the resistance of the planet and eventually the system against marauders, space pirates and even The Armada during the Bloodshed Uprising. Founding father of the USSF, probably the greatest and more efficient single faction to emerge from the decade long conflict.


Humanoid - Home planet of Cornidia - Dorian Fringe


Distinguished lean gentleman, with white hair and beard. He walks with a limp having always refused a biograft to replace the leg he lost during the war. Opting instead for keeping his prosthesis cybernetic limb.

Special Skills & Occupation

Military strategy, geopolitics, demodynamics and philosophy.
Supreme Chairman of the Union of Supreme Systems and Factions

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Image of Zanikov Denoslav
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