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Summary: "The screams never fade!"


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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: Unaligned


Walker was forced to join, the now defunct, Galactic Defense Force local legion, when he turned 16 sols to escape a death warrant from a rival gang of the industrial hive he was born on the planet Amarul.
After two years of intense training Walker was transferred to the Rashian Arm sector to help secure the space routes of several promethium refineries traders in the quadrant.
He was made a Captain when he turned 30 and given a commission aboard the frigate 'Dreamer;, a veteran vessel of the Ormal Raids.
Walker was one of the few hundred survivors of the GDF, present at the Battle of the Silent System where the forces of the High Council suffered their biggest loss to The Armada.
With the disbandment of of most GDF forces across the galaxy Walker has turned his skills to bounty hunting and mercenary work.


Humanoid - Home planet of Amarul - Okarr Expanse


Slim, gaunt of face, brown hair and brown eyes with a goatee and stuble. He is extremely quick with incredible eye to hand coordination.

Special Skills & Occupation

Weaponry, pilot, tracking, interrogation techniques, hacker.
Bounty hunter, gunslinger and mercenary.

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Image of Walker
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