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Summary: "Science has no morals!"

Xoth Cephris

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Gender: Female

Age: 236

Group: Cephalon Consortium


Xoth Cephris is a high ranking member of the Cephalon Consortium. A shadowy organisation that seeks knowledge and advancements in all science fields at any cost.
The Cephalon Consortium influence reaches far and wide and it has a vast network of supporters throughout the Galaxy. Very little is know about them and what their true goals and intentions are at any given time.
Xoth was notoriously involved in the Medusa genome manipulation project of the Malian race that led them to extinction within one single generation.


Molluscoid - Home planet Phylum - Searim Vastness


Purplish grey complexion with six yellow eyes and several tentacles that can operate independent of her two main arms. Indistinguishable from the males of her species.

Special Skills & Occupation

Macro and microbiology, pharmaceutical research, genetic transdifferentiation and lineage reprogramming, genomics and virology. Telepathy. Member of the Conclave, the head of the Cephalon Consortium.

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Image of Xoth Cephris
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