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Summary: "If you are going to stab someone in the back make sure that it kills them."

Zenkar Vinn

Gender: Male

Age: 56

Group: USSF


Zenkar was once a loyal member of the Galactic Defense Force, that was until the it collapsed. His father was shot down by other Dremica who decided to join the Armada during the Dremica civil war that started after the Blood Uprising.
Zenkar found himself shot out into space by his second in command. His second in command Ternt, took over his position as Captain in his ship and joined the Armada after betraying him. Ternt told the other Dremica that he dueled Zenkar for control and shot his corpse into space. In reality Zenkar was even harmed by Trent and was rescued by USSF ships shortly after being fired out into space. He was taken in, interrogated, then given the choice to join the USSF, as one of their fleet captains. He accepted and has been loyal to the new government ever since, due to them joining supporting the top three Dremica "clans" and their followers.


Dremica- Home Planet: Renina-32
Subrace-Dragonic Dremica: Dremica with large wings, muscular build and large shape. Range in color from blackish green to deep red.
Dremica-Large reptilian race that vary in color, shape and size, have 15 subraces.


He is a large reptilian creature, with greenish black scales and yellow eyes. He is very muslcar and stands at a height of 8'3. He has two large wings on his back.

Special Skills & Occupation

Tactician of space warfare, weaponry, hand to hand combat, zer0 gravity combat, pilot, ship mechanics, and leadership.
Zenkar is currently one of the best captains of the USSF

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Image of Zenkar Vinn
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