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Summary: A nomadic guy trying to find a place in the world


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Gender: Male

Age: 221

Group: Unaligned


Gideon was inducted into the Techno-Mage Order as an orphan who was raised by a member. Early in his career he was said to have focused too much time on spells (uses rare technology to created phenom similar to magic) and not their presentation. Also, he had not yet developed his own style, instead mimicking the incantations of earlier techno-mages.

Gideon and fellow Techno-mage, Isabelle, shared a very brief but intense relationship toward the end of their training. Though the two were only involved for a short time, they developed a relationship in which they could speak volumes to one another without saying a word. As Gideon would say of her "She would make you happy with one word, hello." Her abilities as a techno-mage were at least on the same level as Gideon 's.
Shortly after their initiation as Techno-mages, he was partnered with Isabelle in an assignment to gather evidence of the Pirate's stealing their technology. Not long after leaving their home, they traveled far where they met with Elizar. After many attempts at convincing the two that there was a conspiracy within The Circle that they knew about the Pirate threat, Tilar who was a rogue Techo-mage appeared to them and proceeded to open fire at the two loyal Techno-mages. Isabelle was dealt a mortal blow by the rogue Techno-mage Elizar. Soon after this, she succumbed to her injuries and died. Just prior to dying, she reassured her distraught beloved, that if there was a way, that she would contact him from the afterlife. Gideon was the sole survivor of a Pirate attack on the Order's colony. Though they defeated the pirates and traitors, Gideon was the last of his Order. Hoping to find a new purpose in life he travels like a nomad across the galaxy doing odd jobs he can get to pay his meager expenses.


Humanoid - Planet of origin unknown.


Hair: Shaved bald
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Build: Muscular with cybernetic implants
Weapon: Staff with many tech features


Ship: Dragonfly

Special Skills & Occupation

The technology the Techno-Mages use consists of bio-technological implants. The process of installing the implants and adjusting to them is excruciatingly painful. The presence of these implants means that techno-mages are effectively cyborgs.
A techno-mage may choose to establish a "place of power" for themselves, such as a particular planet. In doing so, they develop a strong connection with that place, and to some extent, a dependency on that connection.
Every techno-mage was taught and sponsored by an older techno-mage, being fully initiated after a long period of apprenticeship. The two most common ways of gaining an apprentice are simply by having a child or by adopting children whose biological parents owe the techno-mage favors.

Techno-magic Abilities:
Shield: With practice a techno-mage can cast a shield around their bodies to absorb damage or contain atmosphere in hostile environments.

Associate/Disassociate: Techno-mages used this power to make or break connections to their ships, staffs, places of power or other compatible technology.

Energy bolt: Techno-mages can hurl Energy bolts from their staff or implants in their arms.

Anti Gravity Jet Boots: Allows the Techno-Mage to hover and fly short distances

Hologram: Techno-mages can generate holograms like Gideon's famous red-eyed, golden dragon or more complex holo-demons, which can actually interact physically with their environment. Holo-demons are capable of possessing computer systems to wreak havoc on the computers' owners.

Equation spell: Essentially a highly-advanced computer program, an equation spell is a self-replicating data construct that follows the orders given to it by its caster. The spell can interact with the system and adapt to changing conditions, making it almost impossible to get rid of without being dispelled by the techno-mage who cast it.

Electron incantation: Through this technique, techno-mages can establish real-time communication with another techno-mage regardless of distance. While under the effect of this ability, the speakers' consciousness is manifest within a sort of dreamscape in which time moves quickly enough for the participants to have whole conversations in the span of seconds. It is possible to establish contact with non-techno-mages, but it is difficult.

Download from the dead: Techno-mages are capable of downloading information from dead brains. This involves cutting up the brain, which may appear to pulse with life for some moments after the process.

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