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Summary: "Long live the Dremica."

Ternt Der

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Gender: Male

Age: 73

Group: Unaligned


Ternt used to be a loyal member of the GDF. However he always felt like the Dremica were being held back. He realized that they lost their fire for combat, instead of trial by combat they just talked it out. He was made a offer by Dremica that wanted the old ways back, to over throw the three clans and be the warriors they are. They began a civil war, Ternt however was a coward, he knew that Zenkar was far superior to him, so he tricked him and told his new crew members he killed his old captain.


Dremica- Home Planet: Renina-32

Subrace:Raptor Dremica- One of the majority of the Dremica, they are large humanoid reptiles that grow to 6-7'2 ft in height. They resemble velociraptors and vary in color, from black to white to blue to red.
Dremica-Large reptilian race that vary in color, shape and size, have 15 subraces.


He is about 6'3 in height, he has white skin. He has a velociraptor like build. He wears black Dremica combat armour and his left arm has been replaced with a firearm prosthetic.

Special Skills & Occupation

Weaponry, hand to hand combat, zer0 gravity combat, pilot, leadership and deception.
He is one of the Dremica rebel leaders

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