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Summary: A Commander with a planet's mission

Caldan Neurostein

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Gender: Male

Age: 39

Group: Unaligned


Raised in the Belthan Fringe along the dark nebula Pirro, Caldan lived an early life of servitude to the colony of Mira Posa. That was until fringe elements of the Armada detected the colony world. It was quickly ravaged and plundered, left to die a slow, torturous death by starvation.

Somehow, through tenacity of the colonists and recent times of refugees, Caldan survived. He was among the ten thousand to volunteer for a space force that was both ramshackle and hastily assembled. And to this day, he vows with the rest of Mira Posa and her people: Never Again




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Special Skills & Occupation

Second Wing Commander, Caldan 1st Expeditionary Force
+CO of Amer's Toll, a light cruiser (CA)

Like most of the navy of Mira Posa, he is augmented.
Spatial Awareness Mod
Adrenal Pump
Calcium Hardening (resistance to High-G)

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Image of Caldan Neurostein
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