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Summary: "Darkness shields as much as it threatens."


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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: The Armada


Lilith was an orphan in the streets of Gehenna where the Great Bazaars traded and sold everything imaginable. Ruled with an iron fist by a conclave of beings known as the Master's of Virtue, Gehenna was infamous for its flesh and slave trade.
By the time she was 12 she was captured with a few other children and sold into slavery. That is where she met Finn, a fellow orphan, slightly younger than her. Many years and indignations later, when both secured their freedom, they founded a pirate faction that came to be know as the Ether Foxes, know as Ghost and Mad Fox.

During the Bloodshed Uprising, the Ether Foxes were some of the hardest and tenacious enemies The Armada faced. Although much smaller in number, they successfully ran a protracted guerrilla campaign against the pirate flotilla, mainly against their convoys.

The Archangels, led by Nomad, would eventually invade their home planet and defeat them in battle. When Finn, the de facto leader of the Foxes, was confronted with their impending doom, he was forced accepted an unconditional cease fire with The Armada, to save the lives of their women and children and other refugees they had help save.

Finn offers himself as a ward to The Armada to ensure the Ether Foxes respect the terms of their surrender, but Nomad demands Lilith instead. Unbeknown to them, Nomad was already plotting the downfall of the Bloodborn Elders and the High Council, planning on using Lillith to help him.

After the events that led to both councils demise at their hands and the destruction of the Atlas at the Galactic Core where Finn is believed to have died, Lilith decided to stay with The Armada, along with a handful of Ether Foxes who accepted the faction's offer of sanctuary.

Lilith and Nomad had a complicated relation.


Ammonite - Humanoid


Lilith had brown curly hair, an athletic build, black eyes and caramel complexion.

Special Skills & Occupation

Guerrilla warfare, ambushes, sabotage, pilot, hand to hand combat, sniper.

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Image of Lilith
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