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Summary: "Mi nuh one's slave."


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Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: The Armada


Cyclone was jailed in a high security penitentiary planet in the Osrax Cloud at the inception of the Bloodshed Uprising. A disavowed member of the GDF, he was court marshalled for killing a superior officer and given 20 cycles of jail time followed by become indentured to his family's victim for the remainder of his days.
When the Armada invaded the system they liberated all prisoners as part of their strategy to cause mass panic as a flood of criminals rushed out in all directions in their wake.
The Archangel Asp took Cyclone under her wing in views to make him one of their own eventually. He was part of the invasion of Purgatory Omega where he cemented his position among the brethren.
He is now adjusting to his new life among the free people's of the pirate state.


Humanoid - Home planet of Xaymaca - Taino Expanse


Tall, extremely muscular, with dark complexion and shaved head. He has a cybernetic arm and optical augmentations that allow him to see in several spectres of light.

Special Skills & Occupation

Cyclone was a soldier his all life and he is an expert in hand to hand combat, survival, firearms and a excellent fighter pilot. He is ruthless but loyal to his people and crew. He is to become one of the first Spectres, the new elite vanguard of The Armada, aiming to replace the Archangels.

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Image of Cyclone
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