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Daruisga Ymo

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Unaligned


Daruisga Ymo is a former Armadan Captain who deserted the pirate faction immediately after the battle of the Silence System where the GDF were destroyed. She became the leader of the crime faction known as [i]The Purple Legion[/i]. Formed in the aftermath of the Bloodshed Uprising, out of Nansur Prime, the Legion is one of the largest and most feared criminal organizations in the Inner Systems.
Using successful tactics and strategies long implemented by pirate state in the outer rim, Daruisga has craved a fiefdom for herself and her followers.


Humanoid - Planet Jubias - Tempestas Rim


Tall and athletic with red short red hair, pale white skin.

Special Skills & Occupation

Strategist, pilot, bio-hazard warfare, diplomacy. Leader of the criminal faction Purple Legion.

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