This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Aug 15, 2020, 4:45pm

Children of the Atlas is a Sandbox Sci-Fi Apocalyptic game,very loosely based on the popular game No Man's Sky.
The narrative will be set in an alternate timeline from that of the game and only very loosely based on it, so no knowledge of it is necessary.

The game will be set a few months after the events of what has come to be known as the Bloodshed Uprising.
A decade long, galactic wide conflict, that started with the collapse of the universal cryptocurrencies controlled by the Universal Banking Corp (UBC) and that later culminated with open warfare between the pirate fleet nation known as The Armada and the forces loyal to the High Council, that resulted in the destruction of the Atlas at the core of the Galaxy.

It's a sandbox game. Anything or almost anything will be possible but the overall goal is to add to the existing lore through creative writing. And to have fun while doing it.
Have you always wanted to board a ship and explore the Universe? To rise from humble beginnings and become the Emperor of a star faring race? Want to discover untold treasures and secrets the Galaxy has to offer? Want to simply travel the void and be the first to set footprints on the dusty ground of some unknown far-flung world?
Well this is your chance...

We are now accepting applications for members. I have finished laying the ground work and background story to the game and I hope you enjoy what you have read so far and join to help continue shaping this universe...

Major Factions -

Bedouin Cartographers - Created roughly 10,000 years ago in the Ranoma system, the Bedouin Cartographers started as a collection of like minded explorers in communication over vast cosmic distances, who shared findings and knowledge with one another. Eventually they came together to create what is now the most renowned Faction of Explorers in the Galaxy.
They explore and discover and they have no affiliation beyond their own drives and goals, and consequently others of same ethos.

The Armada - Its origins are shrouded in mystery and half forgotten in time. It is believed to be hundreds of galactic cycles old, and very little is known of its beginnings.
The Armada is made up of thousands of vessels, cruisers, capital ships, dreadnoughts and war-galleys, existing as a nomadic pirate and scavenger state on the outer fringes of the Galaxy.
The Armada were the main instigators of what was to become known as the Bloodshed Uprising that toppled the High Council and sundered their control over the Galaxy and resulted in the destruction of the Atlas.

USSF - Confederation of dozens of planets in the Dorian Fringe that came into existence during the last years of the Bloodshed Uprising. Led by Supreme Leader Zanikok Denoslav it emerged from the conflict as one of the most stable alliances in the Galaxy that moves to fill the void left by the High Council.
The USSF has not only provided some much needed economic and military stability to its members but as also attract several thousand soldiers from the now defunct GDF legions to its ranks.

Cephalon Consortium - An eldritch scientific organisation that has influenced the lives of trillions throughout the galaxy, from the shadows in their relentless pursuit for knowledge and scientific advancements at all costs.
The Cephalon Consortium tendrils reach far and have been ever present in the cosmos since the first intelligent beings took to the stars.
They have been heavily involved in AI development, WMDs, eugenics, bio-engineering and FTL technology. Led by a small group of uber scientist, simply known as the Conclave, they are the most secretive faction in the known space and their very existence and influence over the galaxy, a constant theme of debate.