A dark tale ends and another begins

Arkady studied the results of his scanning and his mind drifted back to those past events once again.
Crylic in company of Nivek had returned to the lone planet in the dead system when news had began to filter in about what was happening at the centre of the galaxy during the unfolding events.

Crylic at that time had all but given up on any hope of any good news from the crisis that was ongoing in the next region. All channels were abuzz with conflicting information but the main points of interest pointed to destruction on a wide scale. Crylic had foreseen some of what was to slowly come through on com's, but not in a way that he had expected.
Somehow, the High council had been decimated, and on top of that news was coming through that the Bloodborn Council had also met a similar end.

It would be many Sol cycles as news came through that a clear picture would emerge.
Over time as Crylic had began his slow journey back out to the rim he managed to piece together scraps of information.

Stories of deceit and deception, bravery and heroism, tyranny and turmoil...

The Protectors of the Abyss had been decimated from within by an inside assailant. The Ether Foxes had had a hand in saving a form of technology that may prove useful in the galactic cycles to come.
The Guardians had left the field of play at a crucial time in the conflict and no news as to why that had been the case. Some speculated they knew something the rest of us did not and had gone to ground. Thankfully total galactic annihilation had not been the outcome.

The loss of the Bloodborn and High councils created a power vacuum, that many over time would try and fill. The lawless and the would be lawful. Not to mention the large trade cartels.
The destruction and splintering of the Atlas which even today resulted in a galaxy wide search for the shards. The shards were reported to have power and data that could aid the power hungry. Many an explorer, pirate, military group were abroad searching for such artefacts.
Trade became the norm and greed again became a driving force for the power hungry. Some things change, some stay the same.

New factions evolved, new military groups formed to police the many regions of space. New groups of Explorers and traders travelled the back roads of the galaxy looking for information, truth, riches and fame.

The High Council no longer ruled the galaxy with an iron fist, controlling the Unitary currency and hence the trade routes. Now it was survival at ones own hands should one wish, freedom at a price for those bold enough. New alliances formed.

The Patriarch races seemed to have disappeared in the blink of an eye. Leaving behind their culture, infrastructures, technology and knowledge, for those brave enough to claim it. The Korvax, the Gek, the Vy'Keem gone. The Sentinels gone. A new beginning for a galaxy still reeling from the events of the last decade
Maybe time will tell and the whole truth will out one day far into the dark future ahead.

The riff raff of would be pirates that had followed the Armada splintered, and even now still preyed on the commerce routes, but the surviving Armada's ships had headed back to the Rim Systems where they carried on where they had left off before all these events unfolded. Crylic was sure he had not heard the last of them by any means.

There were many tales, some myth, many exaggerations or tales from the bottom of a bottle that emerge and muddied the real story that emerged over time.

Tales of a mad genius dwarf who was deemed to control sentinels. Tales of heroic rogues and cowardly law men. Of pirate leaders rising from the dead...

A story that the Double Helix had powered into a moon...

A Blooborn Elder that had somehow survived and had the technology to live for generations...

So many tales that it was hard to pick fact from fiction...

Crylic gave a wry smile.
'Ah,' he thought, 'to live in interesting times. It surely is a blessing and a curse.'
He pulled out his flask of dark spiced rum, and raised a toast to nobody in particular and drank to the future.
And not for the first time in his life he felt that he would be the one to catalogue what had come before and what was yet to come...

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