Out in space, nearby to an USSF fleet
Cold, that's all Zenkar could feel in the void. Even though his wings allowed him to fly gracefully in the sky of his homeworld. He was young for his kind, just entering maturity ten years ago. Now he was going to die young, before he could even find a mate, or have a family. Not only that but to die so shamelessly. How did this happen?

One hour ago

Zenkar was commanding his ship, a pale skinned Raptor like Dremica behind him, Ternt. His second is command was always behind him. They were the Galactic Defense Force of the High Council. They would win this war, they were Dremica. They are one of the greatest warriors of the galaxy. The Armada had no chance in defeating them.
Yes when the Dremica were introduced to the High Council they were fifteen clans fighting among themselves in a medieval age. However that all changed, now the top three clans were working together, and the Dremica had been united.
Zenkar decided to call his father, Lord Untren. The screen popped up showing the face of a dragonic Dremica with dark green scales, his face decorated with scars. "Hello my son, it seems we are right on the Armada's tail. Once we catch up to them we can weaken their forces and be rid of those scum for good." Zenkar smiled, "Hopefully we all can head back home just in time for Kurt Kai." Lord Untren laughed, "Indeed my son." As the two spoke, Zenkar noticed two of the Dremica Goliaths, giant Dremica with thick large grey scales looked on their communication devices on their arms. They raised their rifles at the three hundred year old Dremica and shot him down right in front of Zenkar. "FATHER!" The screen went out, to reveal to Zenkar that they were right infront of a Armada gunship. "Ternt we must retreat!" The raptor nodded, "Yes sir!"
The two headed to the escape pods, Zenkar saw the choas unfolding, Dremica were fighting among themselves, however he couldn't order them to stop, he knew. A civil war had broken out among them.
Zenkar and Ternt made it to the escape pods, but before Zenkar could enter he was shoved out into space. He looked behind him to see his second command give him a sickening grin, "Sorry Sir, but The Armada understand the Dremica ways of honor." The hatch closed shut, Zenkar watched as some of the ships he was commanding was shot down and corpses of his crew were shot into the void. His remaining fleet flew off with the Armada. That was how he got here, it's cold. He slowly closed his eyes, it was dark. Then there was a bright light.

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