Location - Planet Orcantus - Migrik Conflux

Patience is very much a trait you need on missions like these. As a pathfinder you are tested constantly, during long periods wandering the warp, searching for systems that match your needs in the empty expanses of the galaxy. You have no one for company but yourself, your dreams, fears, your wants and desires. Mental fortitude plays a big role in keeping sane and on track.

Tracking animals requires pretty much the same set of skills. Endurance, persistence, sharp instincts and of course luck. A few seasons ago he stumbled upon an embedded signal on the Dark Nexus from individuals willing to pay big amounts for info on rare and exotic breeds of animals in this part of the galaxy. These thrill seekers and hunters not only had to contend with the animals they wished to hunt or capture but with the Sentinels that appear to exist to protect the natural balance of these pristine worlds.

Of course depending on your prey, these skills meant little without the right technology to aid you. He found the nanos on a crashed GDF ship almost twenty cycles cycles ago on some desert world.
Fifty small dark metallic spheres covered in bright yellowish hieroglyphs. The nanos were connected to a central system that he had incorporated into his suit and could be programmed to perform scans and searches according to a simple set of parameters. Their reflective surface captured UV light for power and so far it appeared their range was pretty much unlimited.

He sent the nanos out 14 orbits ago to explore the 3 oceans of this world. That time he spent gathering resources, studying a group of quadruped reptiles that developed an interest over his camp and loved nothing more than to jump on the fuselage of his ship and bask in the sun's glory during the day. He envied them that. It had been too long since he felt the sun upon his pale skin. He also collected several samples of local flora that he would take later to this system's space station. He could barter for some more Iridium he hoped.

A blip at the right upper corner of his display announced that the nanos were coming back into range and the data they gathered started to be transmitted directly to his HUD.
The parameters had been quite simple. Note existence of biological life forms over 250 feet in length and mark last known location.
49 nano probes registered nothing of note but one seemed to have tracked a moving form in the north hemisphere ocean for 10 seconds that matches the search parameters. He grinned looking at the info being relayed.
The Albino Leviathan could be here in this world. the price this find could bring would mean faster ways to travel towards his goal. The payday from this find could mean purchasing the location of nearby Webpaths.

It was time for a swim. Time to go diving...

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