One last charge...

Location - Arlian Spaceport - Kosz Edge

Golmin Mokuing was getting old. Too old to even remember how many seasons ago he was born.
Too old to not take this last chance to add his name to the hallowed Void Marauders Hall of Fame. He looked at the old envelope on the table in front of him and took a swing of what passed for spirits at this decaying space port. It burned going down and made his eyes water, Tasted like pipe cleaner and antifreeze. Good stuff. The stylised Korvix number 13 seemed to burn memories of the last hunt in his mind eye.

His shoulder joint hurt like a fire mandrake, where his metal arm attached to his flesh. This would be his last chance at one of the mythical Hunts and he would not let anything stand in his way. He poured himself another measure and drained it fast. He had been so close last time. So close to harpoon the beast before it disappeared into the 4th Dimension once again. So close before a flick of its monstrous tail had hit his ship and almost destroyed it completely. He had been thrown around like a rag doll inside the cockpit and broken more bones that he cared to remember. His left arm had been crushed against a bulkhead and later amputated.

And here he was once again. 50 seasons later, looking at the same envelope from the ancient society of hunters who prided themselves, not only on the killing of the largest and rarest of beasts, but also on the honour and values of 'The Hunt'.It was sealed in red wax with the imprint of two massive creature heads held by a man, arms raised above his head.
He wondered what his target would be this time and even if his mind and body screamed and wished to avoid the dreaded space whale again, part of him wanted another go at the beast that took his arm and left him for dead.

He finished his liquor and opened the envelope. For a few heart beats he could only stare at the letters. Time seemed to slow down as he looked at the latest coordinates where he could find the illusive beast according to the ancient society network.
"I will get you this time, beastie..." Golmin swore.

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