Location - Planet Orcantus - Migrik Conflux

He dragged himself from the sea and across the brownish wet sand of the atoll in painful lunges. He knew his injuries were severe. The parts that were still working of his suit systems showed a dislocated shoulder, several cracked ribs and a perforated lung. He knew if he did not get to the emergency medical unit of his vessel he would die of internal bleeding. It had taken him 2 hours to eluded the beast through the underwater cave network and make his way back. Blood splattered the inside of his helmet and every movement drew gasps and jolts of pain. His vision blurred as he dragged himself another length closer to what he hoped would be salvation.

During his exploration of the cave system over the last few orbits he catalogued several aquatic life forms and some unique underwater flora. The more he moved through the maze of oval shaped tunnels the more he grew convinced that it wasn't just the power of currents shaping these long winding tunnels.
Two orbits ago he found a massive cave at the heart of the complex. The space was so large that several scans had not registered the boundaries of the area. For a while he wondered if he had just found an opening into the wide expanse of the ocean. But he could feel in his bones that was not so.

The first thing he was aware of was that no animals appeared to move in the gloomy depths. No movement he could feel has he had through the rest of his exploration. There was an eerie calm to this place. It was different from the silence of space. Oppressive. Almost like the water itself was not moving. Like it was ooze and liquid.

He hung there in darkness with only the illumination from his suit casting light for a while. He considered what to do next. This appeared the perfect place for the albino leviathan to hide or nest. But he knew if he ventured further into this dark space he could easily loose himself. The guideline beacon was getting fainter, courtesy of the tons of rock and gallons of ocean between him and his ship.
He decided it was time to go. One last scan of the area and he would leave and move away from Orcantus.
Something registered on his HUD not far his current position. It was inorganic. What could be here at such depths? he wondered. He decided to move towards it.

Damn him and his curiosity. He felt it even before he registered anything was wrong. A sudden change in pressure and movement in the water. He caught a frightful glimpse of something gargantuan moving towards him as if appearing from the darkness in a flash. It only grazed him but it sent him spiralling without any control. He hit rock and stone hard. His suit tried to adapt to the impact but the force were immense. He felt his body break.

Emergency systems injected adrenaline into his body immediately to stave of the shock as well as endorphins to fight the pain.
He felt the massive beast move around him, stalking him, coming for another hit. The Fates of his people were smiling on him as he managed to squeeze into a crevice on the side of the underwater cliff. He felt the underwater beast pound the rock behind him as he tried to dragged himself away.

He lost track of time as he squeezed himself from hole to hole, fissure to fissure trying his best to find a way to escape certain death and back to the surface.
The beast tried to track his movements to the surface however avoiding larger caves and shafts he managed to make his way closer to the surface metre by metre before his supply of oxygen ran out.
Methodically and without panicking. Had he panicked he would have died.

Now low on air, bruised and bleeding, he dragged himself into the threshold of his ship and into the EMU. He blacked out as soon as his helmet was off and dreamt of fire and void. Of blood and betrayal. He dreamt of the Pathfinder Project...

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