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Silence System

They were calling it “The Battle of the Silence System.” Nyat Frost looked at the devastation and debris that filled the void of space ahead and could understand why. The site of one of the largest battles of the Bloodshed uprising.
From his captain chair he could see the singular unnamed planet in the distant through a haze of metallic dead husks of ships and its two broken moons. The forces unleashed here had been colossal. In a way this had been the battle that had truly crippled the High Council with such a defeat for the GDF. They had been broken that day by the hammer that was The Armada.

Frost grinned. In his mind eye he could see in a not so distant future what this place would become. Flocks of scavengers and treasure hunters racing to claim the spoils of this battle. Scans of the space ahead revealed thousands upon thousand of resources and potential wares to be claimed and turned into profit.

“Scans are positive, Captain.” said a woman with a blue exosuit from her station behind him. “Hull and power source traces confirm identity of the Nag‘Vina crashed on the surface of the 2nd moon.” Frost smiled. She was a Data-Serpent, a being that spent most of her time both in the flesh world and simultaneously cruising the webways of radio and digital comms, surfing places like the Dark Nexus and the Galactic Markets.
The High Council frigate was the first of its kind. A newer model, faster, sleeker, more fire power, bigger crews in a long line of vessels being developed by the Naval Shipyards of the ringed world of Revo. It was suppose to be the first in a long line of ships to replace the older fleet. ~Guess you did not make the grade…~ Frost grinned wondering how a rabble like the Armada had managed to defeat the High Council forces.

“Take us in Master Rook…” he told his helmsman. “Slowly… I want us to pick as many scans as we can on these Armadan vessels. Some of them look ancient.” He gazed at the info coming up on his screen. The teacher part of is being enthralled with what he was seeing. Parts of history that he never thought he would encounter in his wildest dreams. The Armada must have been around for millennia in some form or another looking at some of the destroyed vessels.
His heart almost stopped when he saw the wreck of a Bastior Wind-Galleon, a vessel he had only seen in ancient cartographers vids, belonging to the now extinct Dawers Caliphates of the Aurogar Expanse.

He knew that in the bowels of his ship his young team of Dirt-Worms and Scratchers were getting impatient to start exploring and claiming salvage and of course to study these ancient technologies. This is what they lived for. Something that the Old Guilds could no longer offer the young.

Next to him Walker stood rigid. His face white. He had not expected to be here again. But a job was a job and he was the best man for this particular job. The Nag'Vina had been his ship after all...

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