Black Hole

Location - Marok Lowlands Rim

He was warned how strange and alien the systems of the inner Rims closer to the Centre of the Galaxy could be but thought it was only the exaggeration of old men and women trying to warn of youngsters from leaving their homeworld and to explore the void.

The last few cycles had been a blur of wonderment and excitement. He was closer than ever before to the Centre but the further he moved along the slower he seem to travel. Captured and enraptured by the strange and wonderful worlds he seemed to come across.

He had travelled close to 30 systems now and had not come across another from his race yet nor had he come across any language he could understand. This area of space was very different from the outer rims of the galaxy.
He had not seen any major populated worlds yet and the largest settlement he had come across was in a planet named Alcantara inhabited by a small conclave of a peculiar saurian race. Everywhere he went people were still reeling from the Bloodshed Uprising and the fall of the Ubank.

The diminutive saurians called themselves the Oki, he later discovered and were ferocious traders and of all the new races he had encountered, appeared the easiest to deal with.
They could produce unique pheromone discharges that ranged from the sublime to the foul and fetid, to smells that could evoke feelings of awe and transcendence.

After that sols had rolled into sols. He quickly found the need to keep upgrading his exosuit and ship to better survive these hostile environments. In an old abandoned building he found the blueprints to better survive toxic and radioactive planets.
A new powerful multitool was offered to him as a gift when he shared water from his exosuit with an old Vorkan warrior in need of fluids.
The weapon had diminished his mining times tenfold and could drop a drone with one well placed single shot. It had helped him immensely.

On another planet he had came across a being that in exchange for a rare amount of isotopes had gifted him with a helmet mesh that increased his ability to hold his breath underwater by oxygenating his blood.

The wonders and technologies he had discovered were incredible. For some cycles he had lost himself tracking species in planets. He enjoyed immensely the fact that he had already mapped all single species of life in dozen of planets.
The repository of info he had gathered and uploaded had allowed him to expand his exosuit carrying capacity to levels he never thought possible. The units he earned put to very good use.

Sometimes, just like today, he would just land his ship in some unknown planet and spend the night watching the starts go by planning his next jump. He had spent the last few sols mining gold on this world and had turned a tidy sum. He knew he had to invest soon in a new ship.
He looked up at the night sky locating the black hole that would allow him to jump further than by normal means again accord. This was his fourth black jump. The weird feeling when dropping into the jaws of emptiness never went away fully.

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