Trident Force

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(Robotic voice on repeat)
“Incoming message: Urgent”
“Incoming message: Urgent”

Still in a cyro-state… communication monitor is flashing red an alarm is blaring. High Ranking General Steve Sawyer of The Trident Force has been in cryo-sleep for one month due to a previous battle and extensive damage was caused to the ship, as a safety systems the ship forces automatic cryo-sleep. The system automatic repairs are activated at this time. The alarm continues, General Steve Sawyer is gaining cautiousness as the alarm turned off cryo-sleep. As General Sawyer awakens presses a button to accept the incoming message.

(Robotic Voice)
“Message Received… Arriving from High Council of Trident Force”

(Male voice of the Trident Force High Assembly)
“I am sending this recorded message to you to inform you of what tragedy has struck our empire. As I am recording this last message I will be ending my life afterwards due to the failure that has come to us and the great shame I have. I shall be formally granting you full leadership of the Trident Force. I also must inform you that you are the sole survivor of this tragedy that has fallen upon us. I do hope that you do well upon the Trident Force name and bring our formal glory back to what it used to be...”

(Robotic voice)
“End Transmission”

General Sawyer turns the communication monitor in anger of the situation that has come upon the Trident Force. Takes a moment to take to catch his breath as the information is overwhelming. Once he collects himself he starts moving along with the last orders that were given to him by the Assembly. He moves his gaze over to the systems module and activates system scan.

(Robotic Voice)
“System Scan Activated”

“Ship in minimum operation standards”

He grabs the controls and sets a baring to the nearest planet. As he sets the coordinates and the autopilot he sits and thinks back to the formal glory of Trident Force…
Steve Sawyer started his life as any young citizen of the Trident Force Empire. He signed up as a young cadet in the Discoveries/Expansion Subdivision which was part of the Trident Force’s MEU (Mass Expansion Unit). He spent years exploring distant planets and gaining research of the planets and establishing outposts in the name of Trident Force in his early years of service. He gained extensive experience in navigation in his early years as a cadet in the MEU. Afterwards for his loyal and excellent service he was promoted to Commanding Officer of the Enforcers Subdivision which were the bounty hunters/Explores of the MEU.

It was typically the first unit sent out to any unknown star system where it would weed out any potential dangers that will be to the Empire.
As Commanding Officer his duties were to determine direction and routes that were best suitable for the expansion plans of Trident Force.
In his years as Commanding Officer he gained strategy and combat experience. After just two years of being Commanding Officer he was promoted to Commanding General of Trident Force becoming the youngest general of the MEU ever to come to power.
His loyalty to the Trident Force’s MEU has granted him the full trust of the Assembly.

As his ship still drifts over to the closest planet he pulls out a folder where he has kept his personal notes and descriptions of discoveries he has had over the years. Once the ship has reached sufficient speed for GTL and systems are charged, a blue light starts flashing on his command console. General Steve Sawyer places the manual back behind the seat and tightens his straps in place, grabbing the flight stick. He takes a moment before pressing the button.

“I shall follow through with what has fallen upon me and I will carry the name of Trident Force!”

At that moment he presses the button to activate light speed and the ship is gone with in the blink of an eye...

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