The Mingal Federation

The Planet Yik, in the system of Xtar

The Mingal race, a large bipedal ape like race. An average male being 7'4 and weighing 400 pounds and a female being 8'3 and weighing 500 pounds, they are a large and strong race. The Mingal race are a omnivorous people, hunting and gathering food before they advanced. The average Mingal lifespan was 60-140 years. When they were discovered by the Council, they didn't get the pleasure of joining their society as citizens, rather as animals. They were treated as aninals that could be trained for manual labor, and were enslaved. However the Mingals learned and planned during their enslavement, when the GDF fell, they quickly rebelled and freed themselves from their Slavers. Using their new knowledge they quickly created their own civilization, becoming the Mingal Federation. The Mingal people watched the choas unfold, fearing to be enslaved by the USSF they prepared for war, when the Dremica made a speech about declaring war, they were the first to offer assistance. After the Federation met their charismatic Emperor of the Dremica, they were more then willing to create and join the Dragon Alliance.

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