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Location - Somewhere in the warp

Nomad stood in the War Room of the Juggernaut. It seemed to him that since he had returned to the Armada all he did was sleep, eat and spend time reviewing the latest reports.
He didn't thin k he was very good at it. And that is why he wasn't the one reviewing the reports personally. Lilith and a few other data rats helped him with that. They would drone and drone on the background about stats, supplies and other generic info while he would think of taking to the stars and fight. He would dream and remember the times he pitied his life against others and pace. He would pace endlessly. The data rats would eye him nervously waiting violence at any moment. Some would actually flinch when he approached them.
Councillor Twilight told him he had a knack for it. He would stand and listen to pieces of information and some instinct would take over and address the most pressing ones. Lilith kept teasing him that the Councillor was grooming him to one day take over the Hold. He would fume at the suggestion...

Reports from several systems spoke of how the mysterious Plague continued to spread like wildfire, engulfing entire systems and species. Those lucky enough to escape it spoke of a biological virus that took over sentient beings as well as machines with its green pus. Some in the Armada were starting to refer to it as the Bugg-Shash plague. He was known as the Black One in olden days. The Filler of Space, He Who Comes in the Dark. Ancient prophecies that spoke of Old Gods kept at bay by the Atlas for millennia coming to reap the galaxy.

The Cult of the Atlas continued to spread and its leader now claimed influence over several of the more fortified sectors in known space. Words of the group's goal to resurrect the Atlas and with it a cure for the plague meant thousand flocked to its banner at alarming rates.

Reports from USSF held territory spoke of incursions into nearby systems as they continue to bring order to a galaxy in flames after the events of the last cycles. Nomad wondered how Walker was doing with his mission.
There was no need at this time for the Armada to involve itself with this new rising power however he knew that once they established themselves they would come for the Armada who many blamed for the destruction of the Atlas.
Nomad started wondering if may the Armada should involve itself now before they consolidated any power remaining in the galaxy.

The age of reasoning was coming to an End.

Before he could make any further considerations two data rats shouted simultaneously...

He turned and glared at them. Both man stood up and approached him.
"We found something..." they whispered. He looked at the data and was out of the room in a heartbeat followed by Lilith.
"Tell no one.." he growled before disappearing from sight.

The two data rats looked at one another and smiled. What a coup this would be for the Armada...

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