The Queve Union

The Planet Qubon, in the system of 20-T

On the swampy planet of Qubon resided the Queve, a four armed salamander like race. Before the discovery by the Council, they lived very peaceful lives under a republic society. They were known for their great record keeping skills and coding. However when they were discovered many of them didn't like the power the humanoid races had over the less humanoid species. This resulted them being labeled as traitors of the council. After the war the Queve began to build great inventions for economic growth but as well as military uses. They reformed into the Queve Union much after the USSF was created. However they saw the USSF as another humanoid favoring empire, and didn't wished to join them. After the speech by the Emperor of the Dremica, they agreed to join the alliance in order to stop the tyrants they saw the USSF was portrayed as.

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