First Spawn

From the annals of the Gek Dominion

We are the masters of galaxies, the overlords of the cosmos. Each foe will submit with bended knee to the ALMIGHTY Gek Dominion. We are the FIRST SPAWN. Look upon our works and DESPAIR.

Those born of the Gek who OPPOSED the Dominion were hurled from the spawning pools of the FIRST SPAWN. Their cherished spawning syrup was replaced with FLAME. Their kind are now merely beasts of the field.

After the OPPOSERS were cast from the spawning pools the Sentinels DESCENDED. Their cause was unjust. Aggressors guided to the fray by the scent emissions of a WAR too GREAT and TOO MIGHTY for the automations to resist. The First Spawn would remember this.

The MINOR GEK were purged. It is only through fire that imperfection be destroyed and the path to domination is revealed. The First Spawn feasted on the flesh of the discarded and GREW STRONG.

The First Spawn BRED and PLOTTED while the Sentinels patrolled the skies of Balaron for a MULTITUDE of CYCLES. But the automation victories were but illusions. Beneath watchful metallic eyes Gek legions rose.

The HOLY larval pools of Balaron SPRANG FORTH with the PUREST of PORWIGLES. Generation BEGAT generation. Wholesome and strong, iron of fist and with a granite resolve. We, the wise FIRST SPAWN, help back our TIDE of BLOOD. We waited to ATTACK. The unseen blow strikes the hardest.

The DAWN of the EMPIRE of the FIRST SPAWN was BIRTHED in the SHADOW of the FOLLY of the Great Vy'keen Sentinel War. The rock and the wave collided as we kept our vigil, awaiting signs of weakness to pave our coming.

The Vy'keen FOOLISHLY fought a war with no end. Again and again they threw their warriors against the iron tide. The Sentinels SINGED Vy’keen FLESH with LASER. The Vy’keen scorched their foe with righteous fire. From the SHADOWS the FIRST SPAWN watched and prepared to unleash their reckoning.

The Vy’keen and Sentinels clashed, SPILLING BLOOD and WHITE METAL though the void, each blow weakening their defenses against the fate that awaited them in the shadows. It would not be long before the First Spawn took their RIGHTFUL place as emperors of the STARS.

The Vy’keen SPILLED THEIR OWN PUTRID BLOOD and pushed the SENTINEL MACHINES back from the Outer Edge. The drove forward like crashing tides, leaving broken metal in their wake. For a time the Sentinels became SILENT. In this silence came the GLORIOUS GEK ASCENT. It came with the RIGHTFUL DESTRUCTION of Korvax Prime.

Korvax Prime was a VAST and PRECIOUS landscape of MINERAL ORE and POWER. By right of UNIVERSAL RULE the First Spawn claimed dominion over the planet yet the CREDULOUS and FEEBLE Korvax refused to accept their CONQUEST. They DENIED progress. This: their greatest folly.

Driven by the misguided desire for planetary equilibrium the Korvax REFUSED to delve deep inside their planet and PROFIT from the JEWEL granted them by FATE. Their love for the DIRE WILL of the Sentinels was ABHORRENT to the Gek. Swift was their end brought about by the First Spawn’s STRIKE.

The destruction of KORVAX PRIME was VAST, SUDDEN and MIGHTY. In a tide of steel the First Spawn struck, scattering the planet through the cosmos as a warning to the unyielding. The absent Sentinels could not PUNISH the RIGHTFUL ASCENDANCY OF THE GEK.

The First Spawn FEASTED on the DEBRIS of KORVAX PRIME, gorging on a banquet of fragments plucked from the void, consumed to fuel the Great Ascendency. The universe shook as the Gek grew RICH. The Korvax found only DESPAIR. The Dominion became whole.

A FEAR of the FIRST SPAWN spread throughout the Outer Edge. Planets shook. Systems recoiled. Weak alliances formed and were crushed. ANGUISH CONSUMED WORLDS. They shall fear us FOREVER MORE.

The entities of the Korvax were NOT destroyed. The First Spawn are BENEVOLENT. The First Spawn are MERCIFUL. SLAVERY SAVED THE WORTHLESS. They toiled for their conquerors. Their reprieve was found in servitude. The Korvax knowledge BECAME OURS. The Korvax technology BECAME OURS. The Korvax BECAME OURS. They serve as an example of our boundless power and mercy. The Korvax did not dare FIGHT. Respect for the Sentinels is KORVAX WEAKNESS. Weakness is the path to defeat. Today the Korvax fester in ELECTRONIC CHAINS. The Gek look down upon them from their thrones.

The Gek First Spawn stand on the MIGHTY BRINK of an ETERNAL EMPIRE. It is ENDLESS in TIME. It is ENDLESS in space. Their dominion will know no bounds. Their armies will know no equal.

Every Korvax ELECTRONIC REBELLION will be PUT DOWN. Their appeals to their false and non-existent ATLAS are mere SUPERSTITION found through DESPAIR. They are in VAIN. THEY ARE CONQUERED. The breaking of the uprising shall know NO MERCY. Endless shall be their suffering.

This Galaxy is VAST but it is KNOWABLE and it can be CONQUERED. It shall be subjugated. The rising tide of the First Spawn will sweep away any that oppose it.

These tablets are our testament FOR ALL TIME.

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