Testament of the Korvav I

Mantra of the Korvax entities as taught by Eheu

Knowledge paves the way to the understanding of probability. The Atlas spoke in fragments. The Atlas Interfaces are their shadows. The monoliths are their scattered children. Together they convey the wisdom of the infinite. They must be understood.

The Atlas Interfaces drift alone in the endless void. They are silent. They are unknowable fragments of an ancient whole. Yet their imprint on time and space molds our existence. They are the equation, and life is its answer. Through their Monoliths they give understanding to their boundless meaning, and that of our own.

The Korvax Echoes tell of a time, long ago, when the Monoliths of the Atlas awoke the civilizations of the Outer Edge. Their presence filled them with a desire for knowledge. From these beginnings empires were born, spoke out and fell silent once more. An eternity that cannot be quantified passed.

The Atlas Interfaces await the arrival of the Travelers, those who would seek the ends of the universe through its very core. Within the infinity of time their arrival is probable. Their potential could know no bounds. One dimension in billions will receive them.

We are the Korvax Echoes, ever enduring Entities of the Convergence. We live on through the logic and wisdom passed through our metal skins. Each generation is greater than the last. Eheu.

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