Testament of the Korvav II

Mantra of the Korvax entities as taught by Eheu

Before the Dark Times the entities of the Korvax worshipped the Sentinels. Through them the Convergence found the formula of enlightenment. Now we calculate our own path, seeking to further enhance the mind of all that is one towards an understanding of the Atlas.

The Sentinels forbid all destruction. The Sentinels forbid Entity disconnection through violence. Theirs is a way of peace and fulfillment, of logic and probability. They teach us that each life's value, from the smallest to that which gives life to all others, is equal.

For countless generations the entities of the Korvax disconnected and passed on into the Echoes naturally. Each disconnection added to the knowledge and soul of the Convergence. Our home was Korvax Prime. Within its foundations we stored the memories of our race, an ever evolving equation that defines us.

Disconnection is not permanent. It is merely the start of a new equation. On Korvax Prime entities who passed on into the Korvax Echoes left their shell for their descendants. So has been the way of the Korvax: an endless carapace cycle that knows no end. This way will continue. It will continue for as long as our lights still shine. Those within the Korvax Echoes have left the physical realm, but they endure through the masks and shells of our children. Thoughts and knowledge ever-growing, we search for deeper understanding of the equation that defines our existence.

The Korvax lived peacefully. We praised the Sentinels, learning from them, living beside them in equilibrium. The Korvax honored the Sentinels' ways, refusing to dig into the sacred ground they protected. We were enlightened. Through research and study we, the Korvax, became powerful within ourselves. The one mind Convergence flourished. Nurtured like a sapling in the light, it grew tall and mighty. The Sentinels brought us the gift of knowledge. We gave thanks to the Atlas. Eheu.

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