Testament of the Korvax III

Mantra of the Korvax entities as taught by Eheu

Korvax Prime was watched keenly and closely by an unknown race. It lurked in the depths of the darkness. Vigilant and patient it awaited its time. The Great Disconnection was at hand. Eheu.
The darkness burst forth with the force of a supernova. The Great Disconnection had begun. A hundred million Korvax voices cried out. The Korvax Echoes became a frenzy of noise. Innumerable cycles passed before balance was restored. The masks and shells of the Korvax survivors shook with the screams of the disconnected. Lights dimmed as the enemy descended, malevolent in its intent. Their numbers were too many. Korvax Prime was destroyed. A hundred million casing lights were dimmed. The Great Disconnection destroyed all that went before. The Korvax Echoes became screams.
Years stretched like millennia amidst the disarray yet slowly hope was reborn through logic. Korvax Prime was destroyed. Its secrets spilled into an empty sky. Its fragments touched the edges of the galaxy. Upon this destruction the Gek First Spawn aggressor built its dominion within the Outer Edge.
The First Spawn of the Gek disconnected the Korvax. Through obliteration they sought dominion. They stole our planet. Enslaved our survivors. Their revelry made them misguided in thought and deed. Probability dictated that our time would come again.
The Korvax were enslaved, driven by cruelty to fulfil the despot's bidding. The First Spawn of the Gek were terrible masters, merciless in their spite, illogical in their cruelty. Countless entities toiled and disconnected. These tablets are the testament of those who survived.

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