Saga of the Vy'keen

1st Saga

The noble Travellers will be spared. Their journey through the cosmos shall not be thwarted. So it is decreed. The will of Hirk the Great commands it. The Vy'keen shall honour the judgment, the belief of the Ancients. The Book of Hirk speaks of the rise of the Travellers. They shall ascend, delving into the boundless void. The Vy'keen shall not impede their ascent for the Travellers must prevail. So decrees the word of Hirk.

None hamper the path towards Dryn'dargh as The Sentinels. They must be destroyed. Their time will be ended. So has it been written, so it shall come to be. This the Vy'keen swear. The Sentinels are not of the natural order. Things must fall apart. In their endlessness and replication the automatons prove themselves abominations. They must be purged from existence. All should die, whether through righteous battle or the assault of time.

Hirk foresaw the weakness of the Vy'keen warrior kind. The star ascent of our noble race was blocked by the weak-minded Sentinels. Nine times nine fold, Hirk commanded, we would have our vengeance and dash the metal demons against the rocks of damnation.

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