Saga of the Vy'keen

2nd Saga

It came to pass that the Great Monolith awoke. It heard the challenge of Hirk. Five times Hirk called upon it and was met by silence. On the sixth cry it awoke.

The Great Monolith spoke to Hirk of the Travelers. Their coming should not be met with fire. Their coming was but one dream in an infinite Universe. Their reach would be that of the endless. When Hirk asked of the Sentinels, the Great Monolith said nothing. Hirk was troubled by its silence.

Hirk returned to the Vy'keen. 'Grah!' they spake atop the sacred mountain of Dun's'kaareen. And proclaiming loudly to all who had gathered there, their leader said unto them, 'The Great Monolith has answered me. It has awoken. It has told of the coming of the Travellers. They will be spared. The Vy'keen shall honour this decree.'

The crowd cried for Hirk to reveal the Great Monolith's judgement of the Sentinel threat. 'The Monolith stood silent!' Hirk spake forth, but the people were not satisfied. They muttered amongst themselves and those blessed with tendrils did extend them. Then with raised voice Hirk decreed, 'The oppressors will be eradicated! Gather your arms for the time of reckoning is upon the enemy.' And the Vy'keen adored their leader.

As Hirk stood upon the sacred mountain Nal climbed to its peak and there with fist outstretched challenged Hirk. 'Fool!' Nal cried. 'The Sentinels cannot be vanquished!' Hirk, with furious rage struck the fool from the mountain. For three moons and suns Nal fell before being claimed by doom.

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