Saga of the Vy'keen

3rd Saga

Hirk's rage against the upstart Nal inflamed the hearts of Nal's followers who upon their leader's demise felt the blood of the ancestors rise within them. The Vy'keen nations were bathed in righteous war for sixty-six moons. On the sixty-sixth moon the war cry of the Vy'keen of Nal was silenced. After surveying their bodies, Hirk gazed unto the heavens and there beheld a great Sentinel host descending upon the Vy'keen. The great Vy'keen Sentinel War was at hand.

For a multitude of cycles the yoke of the Sentinels had strangled the civilizations of the galaxy in their mewling cribs. Hirk was displeased with the world of the Vy'keen. As the automatons descended, Hirk gazed upon a planet ravaged by weakness. Progress, prosperity and war: these are the things forbidden by automatons. But the Vy'keen were the first to break the shackles, casting the old ways into the pit to herald the birth of a new age. The Vy'keen were the dam that overflowed. Righteous is the flood.

Grah! The Sentinels are the enemy of progress and civilization. They are not of the natural order. Their interference is an affront to the virtuous Vy'keen crusade, which seeks to balance in all things through blood, ashes and iron. This affront to the Vy'keen and their creed cannot go unpunished.

Before the coming of Hirk the Vy'keen feared the Sentinels. Like all races our people cowered from their unquestioning violence, shrank from their tyrannical rule. But the coming of Hirk heralded a new dawn. Through their leader, the Vy'keen became strong. Now their courage knows no bounds. Hirk looked to the skies and witnessed the pitiless destruction of the Sentinels that smothered all races brought forth out unto the Outer Edge. Worlds withered and died beneath their relentless gaze. The anger of Hirk was unleashed.

And so it came to pass that on the eve of the eighteenth moon of Drun'Gala Hirk cast the shackles of the Sentinel oppressors into the pit. The Vy'keen were the glorious first, the rising water that broke the dam. The endless war began.

The death of Hirk came during the endless war. Hirk's body was ravaged by old age, becoming ancient and useless. Bellowing, Hirk tore this failing body in two before the Great Monolith, as is the Vy'keen way. The echo of that dying roar can still be heard throughout the Outer Edge. Hirk lives in us, the most venerated of the ancients.

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