Fire and Ice

Planet Lupercal - Angerboda system - Lupus Rift

A planet of fire and ice, Lupercal orbits its sun once every decade. During the summer months volcanoes erupt, burning great areas with lava flows and churning the seas, spreading great floods and tidal waves. As the planet enters its long winter, the temperature drops so far that most of it actually ices over, giving the planet the appearance of a snowball from orbit.

Apart from a single area of the planet that is permanently land-locked, Lupercal is a world of shifting geography and mostly icy oceans. Numerous asteroid strikes, mutable coastlines and even swiftly risen or sunk island masses have resulted in the population becoming one of largely nomadic roaming tribes. The tribes constantly seek to secure territory, and as a result skirmishes and blood feuds over land between rival clans are common. The people are hardened to the changes in temperature and extremes, and so is the fauna.

The population of Lupercal is small, yet hardy and tough. They are born warriors from cradle to grave, battling not only the planetary conditions but also each other. Land is the most precious commodity of the planet, and as a result tribes frequently clash with one another for its control. Tribal fighting escalates during the Time of Ice and Fire when new landmasses can rise from the ocean. But despite these hardships, the natives consider themselves blessed as they are one of the elite recruiting worlds for the High Council for the hallowed ranks of the GDF.

Or so it was until the Galactic Defence Force as a power in the galaxy was defeated by The Armada at the height of the Bloodshed Uprising. Now Lupercal is no more than a backwards barbaric world on the rim of the Lupus Rift. Forgotten by history and the people's of the Galaxy they once aspired to protect and defend...

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