Janos -Elvas shipyards - Almada system

Janos was a extremely rich and powerful production centre and mining world in the Almada system and, as with all industrial worlds, it was the core of a vast manufacturing network. It was the base of the fabled orbital Elvas shipyards.
During the sharp and fast ascendancy of the High Council throughout the inner systems, Janos' moons became occupied by cruel Deroian overlords which enslaved its native inhabitants and seize control of the dockyards and production systems.

These moons were not liberated from alien control until the coming of the GDF forces in the early days of the Great Euclide Crusade.
Throughout its proud linage and history Janos clans and their shipyards gained fame and renown for producing massive amounts of high-quality warships thanks to technology handed down through generation that rivalled that of the High Council itself. And so it made sense that soon after securing the Atlas at the centre of the Galaxy for their own ends, the High Council would bring to the fold of its influence as many worlds as Janos as possible.

During the final stages of the Great Euclide Crusade Janos was the centre of the GDF's third defensive sphere under the command of Captain Erien of the Asp Clan. In the later stages of the war, the massive array of moons and orbital habitations of Janos were captured by forces of the avian Inchroi.
Instead of reducing every pocket of loyalist resistance or wasting his time during their drive to occupy the many habitation zones around Janos, the Inchroi instead unleashed fleets of pirates, traitors, mercenaries and criminals to terrorize and subdue the surrounding regions. Janos was subsequently reclaimed by the High Council during at the end of the conflict.

The space docks and workshops that circle Janos like a ring of moons, were home to the millions of techno-rats and drone data-serpents that worked under the supervision of Artisans and Artificers in the development of better and bigger prototypes.

It is known that as far back as the Fall of Erithan, Janos held industrial and colonial cohorts with clouds of satellites along its asteroids containing humanoid colonies and factories along side forges. These colonies were powered by the radiation that surged from the massive star at the heart of the system and much of the industry fed on the mineral riches that had been yielded from centuries of exploitation, with its full potential having not been fully exhausted.
Due to these factors, Janos served as the High Council's elite shipyards and its skies were always filled with starships, with spacedocks and sky-forges around its various moons that worked tirelessly to construct anything from single manned Crow Interceptors to gargantuan hulls of Magi Class Battleships.

In time the GDF and High Council ship designs became associated with a single shipyard. The Magi, Dictator and Taskmaster were typical of the spaceships produced at Janos shipyards.

Janos was completely destroyed after a year long battle between the GDF forces and The Armada. The few thousand ships that remain built in Janos can command exorbitant prices and still outperform most state of the art vessels built decades afterwards.

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