Plan B

Location - Ochaek system - Olian Cloud

Kali: I appreciate the rescue but now its getting weird. You mind letting me go?

Walker: My bad. Are you alright? Do you need the medbay?

Kali: Yeah I think I got hit by debris while high tailing it out of there.

Walker and Kali stood up so he could see her lower back and she had a piece of small metal on her back hip.

Walker: Looks like you got hit. Wanna tell me what happened as I get you fixed up?

Kali: Yeah sure.

After getting to the Med Bay with the mechanoid called Gamma, Kali laid on her stomach on the medical bed so Gamma could remove the shrapnel , clean the wound and bandage her up. During that time she tells Walker that the deal was getting a bit hostile and the Nomad representative was pissed off. Zendichez then threatened to remove him form the bidding and then the space station began exploding. After that they all grabbed their goods and ran for the hanger. The whole thing was insane and one of the guys next to her was killed by an explosion so she took their briefcase just in case. Walker looked at the case and debated on opening it. Since he felt nervous he has Gideon check it out and the mech named Delta opened the case to reveal the case was booby trapped. After disabling the trap they found some interesting crystals in the case. As a precaution Gideon spaced the briefcase since it had a tracker in it.

Seeing as they barely escaped with no exchange they were feeling a bit cheated but Kali recognized the crystals and told them they were worth a lot of credits. She even knew a few customers who would be interested in them. Walker and Gideon felt relieved that they could still make a profit since they had a fuel expense and needed to make some repairs and replace the food they ate. So Kali gave Gideon the coordinates to the next place to sell the crystals and he set a course change. It was going to be a while till they would arrive so in the mean time, Gideon worked ship repairs as Walker and Kali talked about the arrangements for the sell of the crystals.

Location - Novachek system - Aria 9 Space Station

It was a long and somewhat boring trip, which allowed Gideon to make all the needed repairs to the ship aka the dragonfly. Meanwhile Kali and Walker were keeping busy working on the ship or resting up. Since the Dragonfly was a small ship there was little in the way of recreation other than busy work.

By this time Walker was low on money and patience since the last job was a bust so far and actually cost him money. Gideon on the other hand managed to gain a lot of intel he found could be useful in the future so it was not a total loss. To make up for it Kali planned to sell the crystals she stole back on the botched mission to make up for their failure.

Walker wanted to go with Kali on her transaction but was once again denied due to the rules of the transaction. Kali's client was a bit over protective when it came to business. Since Gideon still had trust issues he planted a nano spider on Kali to keep tabs on her without her knowledge. So when she finally met her client, Gideon was able to see how things went. The client tried to wheel and deal but Kali held her ground and got a very good price for the crystals. So after her deal concluded and both parties left with a satisfied feeling Kali returned with her share of the profits to split with them. After a three way split Kali thanked them and left on her own again. She liked Walker and Gideon but she still had her own agenda to work on.

So Gideon and Walker bid her farewell as she left on her own. Seeing as they needed to stock up on supplies and fuel the two men went ahead and began shopping. After securing food, Gideon began buying cheap junk again. Unknown to the sellers, Gideon was able to turn junk into a useful manner. This allowed him to stretch his credits and maximize his results. He was planning to make some ship and mech upgrades as well as some to his staff. Walker on the other hand was buying personal items like razors, booze, ammo and useful gadgets. Since it was going to be the two of them again they needed to pick up some work before they loose their opportunity.

So while Gideon made his way back to the ship to work on his upgrades, Walker headed to the bar to work on getting some work. A few hours passed as Walker eavesdropped a lot and made a lot of small talk till he finally found the right group to talk to. Meanwhile Gideon was upgrading the four mechs and the scanners on the Dragonfly.

Sadly many of the jobs available involved robbery, smuggling, theft and COD, (Charge On Delivery), which would not set well for Walker. However he did catch wind of a dangerous salvage site that was in high demand. Apparently it was near a hostile planet and was left untouched since it had unpredictable phenomena near it like gravity shifts, insane readings and random engine failure. Normally Walker would avoid such a place but he felt it was work it to talk it over with Gideon first since he was very knowledgeable on such topics. So he called it a day and headed back to his ship to talk to Gideon.


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