Zenkar woke up to the sound of beeping. He opened his eyes to see he was in a medical clinic of a unknown space craft. He tried sitting up but he heard a woman's voice, "You shouldn't be moving, it's a surprise you didn't suffer that much while being in space for ten minutes, you Dragonic Dremica are amazing."
Zenkar laid his head back, "What happened?" This time he saw the woman, she was a grey skinned humanoid with golden eyes and long white hair. "You were shot into space, seems that the GDF had disbanded months ago, yet your fleet didn't know." He looked at her confused, "Why, what happened?" She let out a saf sigh, "The high council had fallen, Atlas was destroyed. The Armada had fallen back, now the USSF has risen to power." He took in the information and remembered everything that happened, "We lost, my people are divided." He didn't allow himself to show any emotion but his grimace gave him away.

A couple minutes later the captain of the ship arrived to Zenkar, "So you must be Zenkar, the legendary captain of the Dremica Fleet of the GDF." Zenkar looked at the bald man, "Who are you." The man laughed, "My name is Captain Ivor. I'm one of the captains for the USSF. I heard what happened to you, it's sad to heard Lord Untren was slaughtered by being shot down in the back." Zenkar growled, "Those traitors are cowards, they bring shame to the Dremica." The captain cleared his throat, "Zenkar, my boss has asked me to make an offer to you. You been known for many great things. Would you like to join the USSF, and bring order to the galaxy once agian?" Zenkar looked over to him, "Give me some time to think Captain." The captain nodded and set course to the central command of the USSF. Two hours later Zenkar entered the bridge of the ship, "Captain, let your higher up know that I will gladly join the USSF."

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