Atlanticus Prime

Atlanticus Prime - Golan system - Ora Edge

The planet was a Gek colony, likely reclaimed by the First Spawn during the Great Crusade, and subsequently lost during the Korvax Uprising. The planet all but disappeared from Gek records after the decline of the Dominion, but later evidence proved that the inhabitants had turned to worship a machine AI.

Gek merchants re-discovered the world in the wake of the Parsus Gulf conflict, and set about reclaiming it. The campaign to do so was prolonged, but not especially difficult, since the native Gek had no high technology having revert to pre warp capabilities during the intervene years.

However, this changed when a squad of long lost descendants of Fists of the First Spawn were found guarding a sacred pool of pure Gek, holding true to the old ways.
They went on a destructive rampage throughout the planet, killing any fallen Gek that they encountered.
Eventually, a party led by Exporter Caphas tracked the rogues back to their temple and annihilated both by calling in an air strike, destroying the pool of pure Gek to avoid any contamination of the boodlines and a possibility to revert to the old days. Thereafter the Gek council has instructed all expeditionary forces to be on the look out for any of these pools found in any worlds that might have been part of the Dominion, and that they be destroyed and it's records expunged from history.

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