Black Ops

+Lost Campaigns+

Intending to bring about the demise of the naval shipyards of Arkon Cryptarchy, GDF Black Ops forces were led against the heaving populations of the nearby world of Canis, one of the last major interstellar governments to oppose the newly formed High Council and its galactic peace keepers.

Moonhive, the hive city that served as the seat of Arkon's power was sieged by their vanguard. The Black Ops burned and butchered their way through the lower levels, whilst their commander Rix A'bin himself stormed its inner sanctums. The hive populations were slowly destroyed by the slaughter.

By the time the forces of the Cryptarchy arrived from Aloren to reinforce the desperate survivors, the GDF had already left orbit, dropping a dozen titanic warheads onto the ruins of Moonhive in a last gesture of contempt.

The ten-standard-month-long war that ensued robbed both Canis and Aloren of their most precious resource -- manpower.
Without the fleets of Aloren to stop them, the Black Ops were able to ravage the rest of the sector at will, free to conduct the drills required to weaken that region of space with impunity.

During this time, several mercenary groups of dubious reputation were engaged and hired to help deal with the rising threat of incursions into Arkon's territories. Fierce fighting that saw the extinction of several warbands and the defection of many more to the GDF fold.

One such group the Sword of Narrav reduced to barely 200 surviving warriors held the GDF forces at bay for almost two weeks out of the metropolis of Canis. However their sacrifice would be in vain and the operations by the GDF would ensure that one of their most outspoken critics would be destroyed before the year was out.

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