Remus War

+Lost Chronicles+

The Remus War was a monumental, seven-year-long GDF led conflict fought in the yearly year of the organisations' inception by the Galactic High Council.
Led by Sky Admiral Luar Karius, the Galatic Defense Force most successful commander of all time and a recognised tactical and strategic genius.

This conflict took place on the far western edge of the galaxy within the Nebula Arvear, reaching as far as the border of the galaxy with intergalactic space and even reaching into the unknown regions of the Koal Zone. The furthest extent of this incursion reached just beyond the edge of the Nebula, where no known FTL civilization had ever reached.

Most chroniclers agree that Luar Karius was the most successful and brilliant strategic mind the galaxy has ever seen. Nearly one hundred worlds were brought under High Council control fold in only 15 standard years of fighting, yet upon his death the newly-won territories erupted into the civil war as various of his generals vied for control, fighting over the spoils of the conquest.

The Sky Admiral forces consisted of five navy fleet groups each led by a Commodore appointed by Karius himself. Though he was prepared to capture one hundred more more worlds, his armies were not, for they had been pushed beyond the point of endurance and were exhausted by the relentless pace with which Luar Karius had driven them.

His troops had followed him from world to world on one of the greatest endeavours of recent times, but his subordinates refused to travel any further when they reached the edge of the known galaxy. It was whispered that the stars of the Koal Zone were haunted and the worlds which orbited them were inhabited by strange beings that worshipped the nihilistic void.

At the edge of the galaxy Karius prepared to move onwards but his armies, never beaten once by any enemy, wavered and crumbled at the prospect of exploring the psychic darkness at the galaxy's edge. The conquests of Sky Admiral thus came to an end. He had finally been defeated, not by any opposing generals, but by fear and frailty.

Reluctantly, Karius agreed to conclude his campaign and return to the inner systems. He was never seen alive again, for he died during the voyage back to his homeworld to announce the full extent of his conquests to the members of the High Council.

The exact nature of his death remains shrouded in mystery. Yet no GDF leader has led its armies to more victories or on to greater conquests, nor won so many world since known records began...

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