Location - Aliar planet - Galactic Core

Turholvan Sontur was an Albumen Seeker like his father before him and his father's father before.
Life was hard and dangerous for a Seeker but the rewards could be extraordinary.
When the fall of the UBC came Sontur quickly realised how much more valuable the items he hunted for were now. A single Albumen Pearl could now command exorbitant exchanges. In societies that survived the initial chaos and that quickly reverted to bartering, everywhere he went with a couple in his exosuit, he was treated like a king. Women, food, drugs, fast ships and anything else he could desire were now available to him.

So while most people bemoaned the fate on the galaxy and the mayhem and chaos, Sontur hardly spared a thought for all those affected.
Even when The Armada came out of the outer rims of the Galaxy and ploughed all systems under their keel displacing countless billions, he paid little heed to the suffering unfolding around him. He learn to avoid the pirates and kept to his hunting grounds seeking more pearls.
And when he thought life couldn't get any better he arrived at Amkuer, a rich and unknown planet in a binary system, known to very few.

He gathered as many pearls as he could carry on his ship for 10 Sols and made his way to the Centre of the Galaxy determined to start a new life in one of the planets under the direct protection of the High Council
He was going to buy his way into society, become a new man. Maybe even support an harem like the old Holqua viziers were rumoured to have done not so long ago. But as quickly as The Lady smiled on him, the quicker that the Lord showed him his frown.
His new life last exactly 14 Sols after planetfall.

First The Armada invaded the central systems wreaking bloody havoc everywhere they went. If that was not enough they actually went and pretty much defeated the armies the High Council sent to stop them. After 14 Sols, Sondur was forced to leave his new life before ever really settling into it.
He hired a couple of bodyguards and bought a fast ship determined to warp out of the system as fast as he could. And he would leave the planet eventually but not before he was mugged and beaten by the same men he hired to protect him, left behind for dead.

No ship, no pearls, no weapons. Stranded.
He joined a refugee train of vessels leaving the system when someone took pity on him and the state he was in. Bruised and battered. He was ushered into a cargo hold. He closed his eyes and slept waking up several hours later to shouts and commotion.

"The Atlas..." they screamed. "The Atlas is no more..." he shrugged and settled back in a corner.
~A pox on the Atlas...~ he cursed in his mind.

Before he drifted to sleep he saw a man nearby laying on his side, a green viscous substance running down the corner of his mouth. His eyes appeared to have a greenish tint to them too. Part of his mind tried to shout him to alertness. But he was too tired, too depressed to care. Turholvan Sontur would never awake again, as the Dread Plague made its way throughout the hold of the refugee ship like wildfire. The lucky died in their sleep like him. The unlucky were changed beyond recognition by the unknown virus spreading through the Galaxy.

In the months after his death the enigmatic plague would spread through the Galaxy slowly but surely killing millions in its wake, wiping whole civilisations in the matter of weeks.

The Cephalon Consortium looked on with interest.

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