Cursed ground

Planet Arilem - Vokar Sector

The planet Arilem is infamous for being the location of a rogue incursion led by K'Rim the Remade, who had ambitions of destroying not only Arilem but the entire Vokar Sector.

However, a force from the Obsidian Sisterhood, with aid from seven GDF Regiments, fell upon the planet and laid about to bloody slaughter. If not for the Sisterhood, Arilem would have been doomed, as the tide was only turned once the Obsidian forces struck at K'Rim comet-fortress where a lowly cadet sister by the name of Kali struck the deathblow to the would be lord himself, casting the incursion back to out of the system.

Years passed and Kali rose among the order and the Sisterhood. Two decades later to the day, a distress beacon from Arilem was received bearing tidings of a further enemy incursion bearing striking similarities to the original. Kali, knowing it was K'Rim descendants, travelled to the planet alone with a small contingent of Sisters against her superiors wishes, where she revisited old battlefields awash with blood once more. At Castle Goeth, Kali purged enemies with flame-bolter, whilst at the Barin Valley she held the pass for two days against enemy hordes so as to facilitate the retreat of the Cornian 12th Army.

Finally upon the crown of Crimson Peak, Kali faced K'Rim twin daughters in front of the old granite Gek ancient statues. As the Obsidian Sisters held back the leaders honour guard at bay, Kali fought the twins, blow for blow with silvered Nemesis metal blades against murderous Red Furian steel.

Filthy curses flowed against righteous oaths, both to no avail. Kali could not keep up with the onslaught of the mad twins forever and was victim to a blow which snapped her blade in half. When all seemed lost and with the twins bellowing victory, Kali summoned her reserves and plunged her broken blade into the face of one of her enemies. The psychic backlash of such pain create an opening and Kali shot the other twin with a blaster to the heart. However, K'Rim's twins would have the last laugh, as Kali would carry scars from this battle for the rest of her life and was exiled from the Obsidian Sisterhood for disobeying orders.

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