Planet Soria - Dalia Quadrant

The Ki'lli were a race of sentient beings native to the planet they called Soria, and which the Gek Dominion named Osomhve, meaning 'Ancient'. They evolved from an echidna type lifeform, and were covered with light colored fur and spikes, ranging from black to brown, which covered black skin underneath. They preferred to move on all four legs, but could also stand erect on two, which gave them a significant height advantage over the typical Gek.

Prior to the Gek occupation, the Ki'l;i were ruled by a succession of female supreme matriarchs, who took the name "Qe'ramat" in honor of the first one. Qe'ramat the Bold reigned when Soria was annexed by the Gek and was revered in decades that followed as a great warrior. She was the last leader of the the Ki'lli before they were enslaved in the brutal annexation of their territories and holdings.

In the last years of the Gek Dominion, the Ki'li resistance to their rule increased, with rebels enlisting the help of off-worlders chiefly among them the Vy'Keen. However before the First Spawn fell they released a genetic mutagenic retro-active virus that killed 99% of the population in one of the worse atrocities committed by the Dominion as an example to other slaves races. By the time the Dominion fell however the remaining Ki'lli had been hunted down and were wiped out from the face of the cosmos. A few scattered ruins in Soria are all that remain of one of the oldest known civilizations in the Galaxy.

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