Kondar Empire

The Kondar Empire of Sadon was the largest and most long lasting Vy'keen Empire in existence and was the bane of the Calus Sector for countless centuries. Until recently, the expansion of the Kondar empire had been limited by the GDF forces led by Mesic Rola who have made surgical strikes upon the dark space convoys, preventing them from being able to organize a full scale invasion into neighbouring systems.

However Mesic's efforts were beginning to wane in the wake of Gek encroachment into the Calus Sector as the GDF could no longer spare troops to hold the nearby Empire in check. The Kondar Empire of Sadon seized its chance and eventually invaded the Alavar system.

When The Armada translated into the sector it destroyed both sets of enemies in a month long campaign and plunders the Kondar Empire of Sadon resources for its war effort against the High Council.

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